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Welcome to this new page on the Friends' website, especially designed for previous members of the Coventry Cathedral Choir!

The New Cathedral Choir was formed by the first Precentor, Canon Joseph Poole in 1959, and further intakes in 1960 and 1961 helped to form the choir that sang during the consecration of the Cathedral in 1962, under the direction of David Lepine.

52 years on, a number of ex choristers have joined together to try and create a viable Alumni Association, initially at least via the good offices of The Friends of Coventry Cathedral.

It is possible that in the not-too-distant future, there will be a move to establish a fully fledged former choristers’ association, but for now, my hope is that former members of the choir will take up the generous offer of Life Membership of The Friends, for £50 (normally £150) and maintain contact with other former members of the choir through this website, whilst enjoying all the privileges of membership of The Friends.

We are trying to complete a proper database of former choristers, and hoping that people will come forward to act as co-ordinators for different generations. I have already located all of those still living from the consecration Choir, and many from later Lepine years, and Stuart Fielding is acting as a link to Weddle lads, and Martin Shorthose is acting as a link to those who sang under Ian Little – volunteers from later eras would be gratefully welcomed.

It is my hope that this site will grow and develop. We hope to show photos from the get-together in 2012 when many of the Consecration Choir attended the Golden Jubilee, and the reunion in December 2013 when it was decided to try and form an ex choristers’ association, starting with our successful approach to The Friends.

We would like to hold occasional reunions, or even identify a weekend in the Cathedral calendar that is recognised as a time for ex choristers to come back and sing together. But perhaps most of all, we would like to create an ongoing support system for the current choir, and help youngsters to get as much out of the choir experience as we did.

Please use this site to add your own reminiscences, names of former colleagues, and anything else that would be of interest.  Let's see what we can do!

Mike Smith
Chorister 1960 - 1966 

Clerks and Choristers back in the stalls at the end of the Golden anniversary Service

Clerks and Choristers back in the stalls at the end of the Golden Jubilee Service    


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Welcome to this Coventry Cathedral Choir page, dedicated to former members of Coventry Cathedral Choir. It doesn’t matter whether you sang as a choirboy, choirgirl or choral clerk, this page is for you.


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